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Dark Circles Under Eye Cream II Eyebrows & Eyelash Growth Serum Combo

Luxuri Skin Science under eye cream along with Eyelash serum is a perfect combo for beautiful eyes, this cream Increases Under Eye Skin Elasticity & Firmness. Smoothens away Dry Lines, Dark Circles and Puffiness, and the eyelash serum enhances lashes or eyebrows for a fuller, longer appearance. Boost lashes & confidence for a lush, beautiful look.

  Smoothens away Dry Lines, Dark Circles and Puffiness.
  Helps to Depuff the Under-Eye Area.
  Boosts the Length & Thickness of the Eyelashes & Eyebrows.
  Moisturizes & Lubricates for Eyelids & around the Eyes.
  Get Fresh & Younger Looking Eyes.
Items Included in the Package
1) Dark Circles Under Eye Cream-15gm
2) Eyelash & Eyebrows Growth Serum-5ml
Age - 16+
Application - To be used twice a Day.
Duration - Regular use for 60 Days .
Ideal For Both Gender.

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